Cathryn Bozone is a fine artist and designer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Her passion for art started at a young age when she kept getting into trouble for doodling too much in grade school. Instead of stopping doing what she loved, she decided to turn it into a career and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UWG in 2016. Her BFA is concentrated in Graphic Design and she often combines her digital design knowledge with her fine arts knowledge to optimize her creative processes. 

Very often her work is inspired by the world and nature around us–in her works you’ll see brightly colored flora, fauna, and bugs. She values magnifying small things in life that we tend to overlook, like what is crawling or growing beneath our feet.

Cathryn is very involved in the Atlanta art community;

showing her work in local shows such as Paper Trail
by ABV Gallery, live painting for Outerspace Project 2019
by ABV Gallery, Forward Warrior  by Peter Ferrari,

Facet Summer Art Party 2019 at Facet Gallery, 
ATL FAM 1 and 3
  by Family Hood ATL and Octane Gallery,
and Yes Ma'am 2019 at The Bakery Atlanta


In addition to local art she has been commissioned by clients such as Coca-Cola , Atlanta United FC, Heineken, RedBull, and more.