20 Georgia-inspired, hand-painted wooden panels


for the release of their Georgia Peach Coke


Below you will see the thought process and work behind 20 Georgia-inspired, hand-painted 4" x 6" wooden panels for Coca-Cola. These were for the release of Coca-Cola's new Georgia Peach Coke. Coca-Cola wanted these panels, that were put together as crates to hold the bottles, to be adorned by an Atlanta artist whose roots were in Georgia.

After painting imagery that represented my childhood and my association with being a Georgia native, I posted the process on social media to promote the release of the new drink and how it inspired me as an artist. To me, growing up in Georgia was about being a kid, playing outside in the warm summer, eating honey suckle and catching fireflies.

I remember never wanting to come inside because Georgia's greenscape was so exciting and full of adventures. These paintings give you small, visual glimpses into those adventures as you enjoy a refreshing Georgia Peach Coke.